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Using its 26 years' experience of woven and printed labels, hangtags, digital offset printing, UV offset printing, screen printing, heat transfer printing and leather patches, Maheen Label Tex Ltd and Maheen Dizayn Etiket Ltd are in a position to cater unrivalled services to the textile and readymade garment industries. Maheen Label Tex Ltd and Maheen Dizayn Etiket Ltd, both are sister concerns of IMPRESS GROUP- a leading Business conglomerate in Bangladesh operating in the fields of Textile, Garments, Electronic Media and Pharmaceuticals. We, being equipped with world leading machineries, state of the art infrastructure and expert management team, are focused on catering superlative products meeting world class standards of quality and service in response to growing diversified demands of our customers. Our software based system through order processing, design, production, packing and quality management backed by sourcing of RM (Yarn, Ribbon, Ink, Paper etc) from internationally reputed suppliers have constituted our rapidly expanding portfolio. We are preferred supplier for H&M, New Look, LC Waikiki and various other reputed buyers. Maheen Label Tex Ltd and Maheen Dizayn Etiket Ltd are rightly proud of its quality and diversity of products & services.


Our Vision

To be able to service all sectors with a world class accessories facility.

To continually increase levels of customer satisfaction though service, quality and competitiveness.

To continually improve the staff and their productivity through training on & off the job.

To continually improve working conditions and safe working practice.

To protect the environment using the Company's resources and those of outside agencies as appropriate.

To develop a range of strategic partnerships across the world both with customers and suppliers.


label experts working for you.

We have the facility to produce any kinds of woven labels.

Woven Label Types: Brand labels, Care labels, Pocket flag tags, Composition labels and Decorative labels.

Woven Label Quality Types: Slit or woven edge in taffeta, satin, reverse satin or weft sateen (high definition) using polyester, rayon, acetate or cotton.

Woven Label Cutting and Folding: Cold cut, hot cut, ultrasonic cut and laser cut. End folded, loop folded, mitre folded, cross folded, book folded and manhattan folded.

Additional Processes on Woven Label: Stiffening/starching, self adhesive, heat sensitive adhesive, embossing, transfer printing, filling (pocket labels) and die cutting of any shape.


Flexo Printed Lables

We have the facility to produce upto 6+2 color Flexo Printed Labels. We have in-house facility for Design/Artwork, positive/negative, Flexo development, curing. We use ribbons & inks of world leading brands from UK, Turkey, China, Hongkong and India.

Flexo Printed Label Types: a) Brand label b) Care label c) Composition label d) Information label e) Barcode label f) Warning label.

Flexo Printed Label Material Types: Polyester, nylon or cotton with woven or slit edges in taffeta, satin (single and double sided), and bonded taffeta.

Printing Techniques: Flexo graphic printing .

Printed Label Cutting and folding Types: Cold cut, hot cut or ultrasonic cut in single cut, end fold, loop fold and mitre fold.


Silk Screen Printed Labels

We produce multi color screen printing through automated machines. We use ribbon from Leader China, King-China, Sky-India, Turkey and from our in house production. Our ink & chemical are from Focus UK and curring is done on Focus machine as per technical data sheet. With all above we ensure quality print with confident washing fastness.

Screen Printing Techniques: Automatic Screen printing .

Screen Printing on: Cotton tape, Polyester tape, nylon tape, PC tape, Twill tape etc .

Screen Printed Label Cutting and folding Types: Cold cut, hot cut or ultrasonic cut in single cut, endfold, loopfold and mitrefold.


Time has been witness to our commitment to excellence